Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wild Things Movie Sex Scenes

wild things posterWhen talking sexy Hollywood movies you gotta at least mention the Wild Things. Sure, it's your usual crime mystery thriller, but damn! - it's sexy as hell. I get the shivers just thinking about it...

Let's skip the story since you'll probably get spoiled anyway. Let's just say there's this high school teacher guy Mr. Lombardo (Matt Dillon) and a bunch of horny chicks trying to get into his pants and then it turns out it's a lot more complicated than that.

Anyways, we'll start with something a bit less explicit. Kelly (Denise Richards) and her sexy friend (I forgot her name) decide to wash Mr. Lombardo's car. Of course all of this is happening in sunny Florida or somewhere, so when hot chicks are washing your car, they're not just washing your car. You get the point. As I've said, nothing explicit, but I'll be damned if it ain't hot as a fuck.

sexey carwash

Just when you thought you're watching a decent family movie, BAM! A gratuitous sex scene! There's Kelly's mom (Theresa Russell) screwing some guy and showing off her bouncy tits. What's the story behind all this? I'm not sure, really, but it's an excellent excuse to include Theresa Rusell's tits.

theresa russel's ass

On to the good stuff. This next one is considered to be one of the best Hollywood sex scenes and rightfully so. It's got everything, tits, lesbians, champagne, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon! Fine, maybe Dillon is a bit of a distraction, but that's beside the point. I can't even begin describe it, just see it. It's gonna be the greatest thing you've ever seen in an entire month if not years.

the sexiest champagne sex scene ever

You can never have enough lesbians, so luckily we have one more. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards are arguing about something and a sexy chick fight ensues. In the pool! But wait! ... They were just playing around (like you didn't know). Soon enough they start kissing and undressing each other. Kevin Bacon just can't believe his eyes. Don't worry, he's there on official police business.

lesbians in the pool

Just so you really get how sexy these Wild Things are, I'm including a bonus scene of Kelly getting out of the pool. Might not be much, but that swimming suit is not exactly thoroughly hiding everything.

denise richars out of the pool

Oh, I almost forgot, you can also see Kevin Bacon's dick somewhere near the end. He's a classy guy.

Times of the sexiest Hollywood scenes:
  • 0:14
  • 0:17
  • 0:57
  • 1:01
  • 1:08

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me posterWhile Twin Peaks the series was surprisingly normal (for David Lynch), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - the movie based on the series - is a whole other story. It's all that screwed up David Lynch we all love and have no idea what's it all about. A lot of folks didn't like this movie, probably just because it was something completely different from the series. Well I say screw them, just because it's different it doesn't mean it's crap.

Movie starts with two FBI guys investigating the first victim of that Twin Peaks serial killer and some kid with a mask is running around and generally WTF things happen.

Then we get a glimpse into the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) doing drugs, having sex and having her soul tortured by evil spirits. As you might have heard, Laura Palmer was quite the floozy, but it seems like they tried to squeeze in as many movie sex scenes and nudity as possible just for the hell of it. Like this one for example. She's having an intimate moment with James that could easily have gone by with Laura wearing that towel over her breasts, but it's conveniently placed around her waist.

Laura, Donna (Moira Kelly) and some men go to this sleazy but awesome Pink Room, Laura gets undressed and everyone starts making out. Plenty of tits again. The guys go down on the girls but you can't really see it because it's under the table. Then Laura freaks out because Donna is wearing her clothes and they get out of there. Apparently she doesn't want Donna to be like her. Don't ask, it's complicated.

donna fucking a guy

Later Laura is lying in her bed and starts feeling all sexy when suddenly BOB comes out the window and has his way with her. No nudity this time.

Laura, Ronette, Jacques, and Leo then have an orgy at that cabin in the woods. Laura struggles, but Jacques ties her up, so there's a little bit of bondage for ya. Then Leland comes and kicks the shit out of everyone and... well you probably know how it all ends.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me movie sex scene times:
  • 0:36
  • 1:15
  • 1:17
  • 1:42
  • 1:54

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

unbearable lightness of being posterNevermind the annoying accents and Daniel Day-Lewis looking like some damn Zoolander, The Unbearable Lightness of Being is a wonderful flick. And sexy too. When a movie starts with a sex scene you can probably assume where the rest of it will go.

Tomas (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a successfull brain surgeon, he's so excellent even, he can't be satisfied by just one woman. We can see him seducing some random hospital employee in the very first few minutes of the film.

nurse boobs

Tomas's main woman, though, is Sabina (Lena Olin). They're having sex in front of a mirror right after the hospital scene. Looks like they're having quite a bit of fun there. If you pay attention you can catch a quick glimpse of Sabina's pussy, the sheets are obviously there just to conceal Day-Lewis's ass.

first scene

Tomas meets Tereza (Juliette Binoche) and they too get it on eventually. There's no nudity yet, so I left it out, there's a bunch of stuff like that in there. Tomas pays another visit to Sabina and they have sex in front of the mirror yet again. She hides his sock there at the end. She's probably pissed about his whoring around.

second scene

Then the Soviets invade and a bunch of other things happen. They all move to Switzerland where Tereza decides to become a photographer, so one day she visits Sabina to do some nudes. Apparently she has an amazing sense of the female body. Tereza shoots some pictures, but then Sabina decides to take some pictures of her own. They're running around bare naked, Tereza trying to cover herself until both they end up on the sofa where Sabina gets on top of her and starts undressing her panties. She seems a bit passive aggresive, but they soon switch to a more sexy and relaxed atmosphere and have a bit of fun by the fireplace. Looks like they've been doing this all day. No wonder, the whole thing is about 8 minutes long.


Tereza returns to Prague and after a while Tomas joins her as well. They fall into each other's arms and have some sex. Tereza cries with happiness.

after returning to prague

For criticizing the communist regime, Tomas now works as a window cleaner. And that's where he meets his next floozy. She immediately starts flirting, apparently she's got some kid of "medical problems". She undresses before him and that's about it, but hey, it's nudity so I'm not complaining.

window cleaning

Eventually Tereza becomes fed up with Tomas seeing all these women and jumps in bed with some guy she met at the bar (Stellan SkarsgÄrd). She's very uncomfortable about the whole thing but does it anyway. It kinda feels like rape, but she feels at peace afterwards, I guess it's nice to know your partner is not the only one who's sleeping around.

final scene

Times of the scenes:
  • 0:03
  • 0:28
  • 1:29
  • 1:53
  • 2:11
  • 2:19

Species 2

species 2 posterDue to popular demand, here's Species 2. Some astronauts go to Mars, get infected with another one of those aliens from the first movie, but the original Sil is cloned with more human DNA so she's one of the good guys now. More of the same and the bad guy is now the good guy, that is one original sequel. Sadly there's no Natasha Henstridge nudity right until the end, but there are some decent sex scenes with other random people.

The the old possey of good guys regroups again to stop those horny aliens once again, but this time they're even clumsier than the first time. One of those astronauts is already screwing everything that walks, completely ignoring the fact he was supposed to be under 10 day sexual quarantine. He gets these two chicks from whoknowswhere, screws them both and minutes later they've got babies bursting out of them like some Aliens. Oh, and Sil #2 is telepathically sensing the whole thing. Yeah, she's dirty...

species 2 first sex scene

One more scene with that horny astronaut, it's almost the same as the first one, I can hardly tell them apart.

And finally, some naked Natasha Henstridge. Sil escapes from the lab once again and pays a visit to our sexy astronaut. They're kissing in slow motion for a while but then they both take their alien forms and Sil's got tentacles growing out of her boobs and all kinds of other wierd shit.

species 2 final sex scene

So there you have it, I honestly don't know what the big deal is. It's got two more sex scenes but I prefer the original hands down. On top of that it's generally a much crappier movie, it's a damn sequel after all.

Species 2 movie sex scenes times:
  • 0:20
  • 0:36
  • 1:15

Species The Movie Sex Scenes

species posterIf you're looking for some sexy aliens, look no further than Species. Natasha Henstridge running around topless half the time... aliens are rarely this hot. Scientists apparently received some DNA code from the aliens and created this half alien half human chick called Sil, but then she escaped and now she wants to have babies. Lucky for us, the human-alien hybrids don't reproduce asexually, so you know what's coming next. It sounds like the plot of some porno flick, but it's not. Really.

So this sexy alien is trying to settle down and start a family, but there's a bunch of blood thirsty scientists trying to hunt her down just because she's got a somewhat faster metabolism (she gets from a baby into an adult in like couple of days, you can see why that's a problem). I mean, seriously, there's no indication the aliens even wish to harm them, and just look at those titties! If you're not rooting for the evil aliens in this movie, there's obviously something wrong with you.

But let us put aside the moral dilemmas and get straight to the tittes. And are they of plenty. There's not any real sex right until the end, because, you know, if she has a kid the aliens will take over the world and stuff, but there's just tits everywhere, when she's dressing up in the motel, when she almost gets it on with some dude who turns out to be a jerk, when she's washing off his blood under the shower...

natasha henstridge nude

After that she meets another perfect guy, a rather lengthy scene of skinny dipping in the pool follows, but Sil's attempts at starting a family are thwarted by the coitus interruptus personified - the Ben Kingsley and his possey of scientists. There is an upside to this, apparently Sil didn't even have the time to put her clothes on, so now she's running around stark naked.

pool sex scene

Natasha Henstridge is not the only one having sex in here, Lennox (Michael Madsen) and Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger) are flirting like some school kids and sooner or later they too get it on. You know what they say, there's no aphrodisiac like chasing an alien that's about to take over the world. Not much of a scene, but there's some Marg Helgenberger's tits. I still think of that scene every time I watch CSI.

Marg Helgenberger nude

In her quest for a perfect man, Sil was trying to get it on with Lennox, but Dr. Arden (Alfred Molina) (another member of the scientist possey) happens to be at the right place at the right time, so she settles for him. He doesn't even know who she is because she dyed her hair black. A brilliant disguise, you might add sarcastically, but if I was a geeky anthropologist and found a sexy chick like that in my room, I wouldn't know she was an alien if she had bleedin tentacles growing out of her forehead. Anyway, it's finally an entire sex scene, it keeps getting interrupted by some other happenings, but lucky for you I edited that out. Sil finally gets a baby and the possey regroups to hunt it down and you can see some alien tits near the end and Sil giving birth and blah, blah, blah. The fun stuff is long gone.

species sex scene final

Species movie sex scenes times:
  • 0:34
  • 0:41
  • 0:42
  • 0:52
  • 0:57
  • 1:00
  • 1:18
  • 1:19
  • 1:22

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead posterI'm warning you, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is a pretty fucked up movie. Of course it starts all cheery, actually it's one of those movies that open with a sex scene. But don't let that fool you. Slowly but surely things get more and more depressing until you'll find yourself sobbing in a corner and shaking like Shakespeare, cursing the day you decided to see this flick. I exaggerate a bit, but seriously, it's almost as depressing as some Requiem For A Dream.

It's got Marisa Tomei sex scenes though! I won't blabber about the plot, all you need to know is there are two brothers: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke, the former is hooked up with Marisa Tomei and the latter is banging her behind Philip's back. They organize a robbery and screw up big time.

Firstly we see the Philip and Marisa getting it on like crazy. Doggy style and all sweaty and excited, it's like they're having the sex of their lives. It's pretty short but pretty hardcore as well, no wonder they slapped an R rating on that smut! Afterwards they spend a couple of minutes in bed reminiscing on the awesome sex they just had and Marisa Tomei flashes her boobs a bit. She's got the sexiest nipples I've ever seen...

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Movie Sex Scene 2

Marisa also has a nude scene with Ethan Hawke, they've just finished getting it on and Marisa starts to get dressed. Some tits and Ethan Hawke's ass and that's the last piece of nudity you're gonna get. It's not the kind of movie you'd expect a bunch of sex and nudity from anyways, you should be happy with what you got. I say it was pretty nice, the movie's not that bad either, it's got a lot of depth and if you disagree, take it to those bastards hollywood producers.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead movie sex scenes times:
  • 0:00
  • 0:14

Animal House

animal house posterYou know, kids... in the old days the comedies were just jam-packed with all sorts of sexyness, but nowadays it's just that damn comedy all over the place. But seriously, I have a feeling there's a lot less nudity in nowadays' comedies. Damn you, different times we live in!

The story of Animal House revolves around a bunch of crazy frat guys who do nothing but party and get laid. It's all very realistic. First we got this guy from a more sophisticated fraternity having an intimate moment with his girlfriend at the make-out point. It's just an implied handjob with latex handgloves, but don't fear, the nudity is right around the corner.

car handjob

John Belushi plays sort of this resident crazy guy, sort of the kind that spends the day passed out on the floor and starts screaming words of wisdom when someone wakes him up by accident. In this scene he brings a ladder to the girl's dormitory and observes the mythical girly pillow fight. He's very cautious not to arouse any suspicion by carefully maneuvering himself to the next window only to be struck down by the the sheer sight of pussy. Unfortunately he falls to the ground before we get to see it as well.


If the words "toga party" means nothing to you, well... you probably don't know anything about toga parties. All kinds of awesome stuff happens at toga parties. There's this the virgin guy trying to score with some drunk chick (Sarah Holcomb), while the more experienced Eric Straton a.k.a. Otter is seducing the dean's wife (Verna Bloom). Turns out the drunk chick was the underage daughter of the mayor and, well... dean's wife was the dean's wife. As you can probably imagine, all of this deals quite a blow to the fraternity establishment, but that doesn't deter our valiant heroes.

Verna Bloom

After fraternity is destroyed as a result of their irresponsible behaviour, our heroes decide to go on a road trip and the sexy boy Otter is quick on procuring the dates for everyone by pretending to be the boyfriend of a recently deceased friend of some hot campus chicks. He manages to get all the way to the third base with Shelly Dubinsky (Lisa Baur) by pretending he's sad as hell, when the all the hot titty action is interrupted by his jerk friends running out of a black supremacist bar. Damnit, that always happens!

making out in the car

That's about it, except for the beer bukkake, hot fratguy on fratguy spanking and Donald Sutherland's scrawny naked ass. Yes, you heard it right. I'll just leave it at that.

There's also the bare naked ass of Karen Allen who plays Katy, the romantic interest of Donald Boon, but I'm not so sure about that one, might have been a body double, the scene is conveniently only shot from behind, so you can't really be sure.

Movie sex scene times:
  • 0:34
  • 0:36
  • 0:54
  • 1:13
  • 1:18 (Karen Allen's and Donald Sutherland's asses)