Sunday, April 4, 2010

Species 2

species 2 posterDue to popular demand, here's Species 2. Some astronauts go to Mars, get infected with another one of those aliens from the first movie, but the original Sil is cloned with more human DNA so she's one of the good guys now. More of the same and the bad guy is now the good guy, that is one original sequel. Sadly there's no Natasha Henstridge nudity right until the end, but there are some decent sex scenes with other random people.

The the old possey of good guys regroups again to stop those horny aliens once again, but this time they're even clumsier than the first time. One of those astronauts is already screwing everything that walks, completely ignoring the fact he was supposed to be under 10 day sexual quarantine. He gets these two chicks from whoknowswhere, screws them both and minutes later they've got babies bursting out of them like some Aliens. Oh, and Sil #2 is telepathically sensing the whole thing. Yeah, she's dirty...

species 2 first sex scene

One more scene with that horny astronaut, it's almost the same as the first one, I can hardly tell them apart.

And finally, some naked Natasha Henstridge. Sil escapes from the lab once again and pays a visit to our sexy astronaut. They're kissing in slow motion for a while but then they both take their alien forms and Sil's got tentacles growing out of her boobs and all kinds of other wierd shit.

species 2 final sex scene

So there you have it, I honestly don't know what the big deal is. It's got two more sex scenes but I prefer the original hands down. On top of that it's generally a much crappier movie, it's a damn sequel after all.

Species 2 movie sex scenes times:
  • 0:20
  • 0:36
  • 1:15

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